Index to Geologic Map of the Amantea-San Lucido Coastal Strip of the Catena Costiera, Calabria, Italy

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Geologic symbols: gn = garnet gneiss of the Polia Copanello Formation (pre-Triassic); gr = granite; cg = biotite gneiss of the Castagna Formation (pre-Triassic); bas = augen schist, bag =augen gneiss, bp = phyllite of the Bagni Formation (Jurassic to Cretaceous; bs = chlorite schist (probably of Bagni Formation); sch = schist of unknown affinity (Bagni Formation?); ss = greenschist of Frido Formation (Late Cretaceous); ls = limestone, p = phyllite of San Donato Formation (?)(mid Triassic to Paleocene); Ms = sandstone; Mc= conglomerate; Md = dolomite (late Miocene and early Pliocene); Qa = alluvium in active stream channels; Qls = landslide deposits; Qt = terrace sand and gravel (very thin or extremely discontinuous on upper terraces); ols = old landslide deposit; all of Quaternary age.


Map Sheet 4 - Ponte Domba north to T. Malpertuso
Map Sheet 3 - Longobrdi north to Fosso di Mare
Map Sheet 2 - T. Cozzino north to Longobardi
Map Sheet 1 - Amantea and Belmonte Calabro areas
Map Sheet 0 - Grotto della Stritola north to T. Calcato

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